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Position: Researcher, Tutor and PhD candidate. 


Contact Info

Position: Researcher, Tutor and PhD candidate. 



Elen Bonner is a Doctoral Researcher at Bangor University with particular expertise in studying the relationship between the economy, migration and the Welsh language. Her PhD is supported by the Martin Rhisiart Scholarship via the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol. As part of her doctoral work she undertook a systematic review of what is known about the influence of different dimensions of the economy on the Welsh language and developed a unique typology that captures what drives the decisions of speakers of the Welsh language in relation to migration. This is the most current and comprehensive literary review on the influence of the economy on the Welsh language.

She has presented her work to various forums including 'Rhwydiaith', a network co-ordinated by the Welsh Local Government Association for language officers, as well as contributing to meetings with Welsh Government and Arfor officials.

Recently, Elen has been working as a research assistant on projects exploring community use of Welsh and the influence of the tourism sector on language. This, combined with her experience as a PhD student, has fostered strong investigative skills including reviewing literature, creating research tools, collecting and analysing qualitative data and delivering research to diverse audiences. She is currently working as a researcher on a project funded through the Arfor Challenge Fund which aims to address the challenge of recruiting bilingual staff.

Elen contributes to the University's teaching programme as a Welsh-medium Sociology tutor.


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SCS1004 - Cymdeithaseg a'r Byd Cyfoes

SCU2001 - Dulliau Ymchwil

SCS3010 - Hawliau Ieithyddol 

SCU1006 - Rhaniadau Cymdeithasol

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