Dr Farnon Ellwood

Senior Lecturer in Ecology & Conservation


As an entomologist specialising in community ecology, I am interested in the patterns and processes structuring natural and modified ecosystems. My work combines theoretical ecology with experiments to understand how the evolutionary relationships of tropical arthropods influence their ecological interactions. My field sites are in Danum Valley, an area of pristine tropical rainforest in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, and in the neighbouring oil palm plantations. My ultimate goal is to develop theoretical frameworks that can be used to conserve tropical biodiversity by informing sustainable management practices.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, the Royal Society of Biology, the Cambridge Philosophical Society, and the Higher Education Academy.

Grant Awards and Projects

  • NERC Envision Studentship [Miss Tilly Edwards] 2023-2027: Establishing the relative importance of a rainforest microcosm in oil palm plantations.

Grant Awards and Projects

  • Welsh Crucible 2022-2023: Small worlds solve big problems by revealing the gas exchange of an entire ecosystem. 

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2003 - PhD , The Ecology and Diversity of the Animal Communities of a Rainforest Canopy Epiphyte

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