Miss Louise McNicol

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G8 Thoday Building, School of Natural Sciences, Bangor University


PhD Researcher: Strategies to reach zero carbon sheep and beef production on Welsh farms

KESS 2 East Scholarship in collaboration with Hybu Cig Cymru



My PhD is investigating strategies to achieve zero carbon beef and sheep production on welsh farms. My project will use an life cycle assessment approach with the best available data to model the environmental footprint of Welsh farms and the potential pathways for achieving net zero. The modelling framework will firstly investigate methods to reduce emissions through on-farm mitigation options. This will include improving efficiency, optimising nutrition and addressing N fertiliser use, before considering the area and types of tree planting required to sequester the remaining emissions. This aims to produce a number of net zero farm typologies defined in terms of animal stocking rates, inputs and on farm sequestration. The project will evaluate the effect of these different mitigation scenarios on productivity and express results via the conventional GHG/kg liveweight, but also using novel functional units and metrics. These models will initially be explored at the farm-level but then upscaled to national level modelling for the agriculture and forestry sector. At a national level, these models will focus purely on land use and its balance and calculate the area of land available, the number of animals and their productivity versus the area of forestry to see what meeting net zero targets could mean for Wales.

Contact Info


G8 Thoday Building, School of Natural Sciences, Bangor University

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  • 2020 - BSc , (Hons) Veterinary Biosciences (University of Glasgow, 2016-2020)

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