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Lucy joined Bangor as Associate Professor of Law in 2022.  Prior to joining, Lucy was Senior Lecturer in Law and Art at Sussex Law School (2013-2022), and held positions at Exeter Law School (2012-2013) and Birkbeck School of Law University of London (2007-2012).  Lucy has been a visiting scholar and researcher at Law School, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Jul 2023); WZB, Social Science Research Institute Berlin (Jun 2013); National Law School India University (NLSIU) Bangalore (Jul 2012); ICRAF Bogor (Jan – Apr 2011); United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the Former-Yugoslavia (ICTY) The Hague (Jul – Dec 2004).

Lucy’s research is broadly concerned with critical legal and contemporary philosophical understandings of law in relation to its materiality.  Themes of law in relation to aesthetics, property, entropy and resistance are key within Lucy's work.

Always with a desire to apply theory to practice, Lucy's work has focused in recent years on methodological and practice-based questions around the intersection of art, law, resistance and property (see 'Art' - New Trajectories in Law Series (series editors Adam Gearey and Colin Perrin) (forthcoming, 2024) (London, Routledge); The Practice and Process Art/Law Symposium Special Edition Law and Humanities with Jack Ky Tan (2022) 16(2) 156-280; Art, Law, Power: Perspectives on Legality and Resistance in Contemporary Aesthetics (2020) with Eleftheria Lekakis (London, Counterpress); 'Forming the Legal Avant Garde: A Theory of Art/Law', Law Culture and the Humanities, 2019).

Since 2015 Lucy has been involved in developing the Economic and Social Resaerch Council and Socio-Legal Studies Association funded 'Art/Law Network', a meeting space between artists, activists, lawyers, practitioners and other such agitators. Out of this has been borne an interest in the role of law in outsider art, the scope of the impact of institutionalisation on the creative process and law's role in the formulation of the genre in itself. Similarly, Lucy is interested in the materiality of law, the role of materials as 'legal storytellers' and the manner in which law is told as story, a current project 'Laws of Ice' considering the extent to which the materiality of ice creates the regulatory frameworks.

Part of Lucy's work is practice-based, including working with sound, video, sculpture and data sets. For the project Laws of Ice she is developing a sound-based response to the work in collaboration with Anders Hulkjvist (University of Gothenburg) and Dann Hignell-Tully (Distant Animals). The practice-based element of her work is inspired by her work as a speculative artist whose work seeks to capture ontological questions around artificial and formal divides – the human/machine, subject/object, divisions between art and law.

Underlying her work is a philosophical probing of the nature of property, materiality and entropic forces of change. This culminated in monograph 'Protest, Property and the Commons: Performances of Law and Resistance' (Routledge, 2016) which theorises the intersection of property within law and resistance, interrogating the spatio-temporality and aesthetics of formal and informal laws, property (squatting and housing), commons and protest. Lucy uses the thermodynamic property 'entropy' to explain linear and nonlinear relations of matter, law, resistance, aesthetics informed by speculative and new materialist philosophy and complexity theory.

www.lucefm.com; www.artlawnetwork.org; www.theloreshool.org

@yeoldefinch, @cyrenaur, @ArtLawNetwork, @theloreschool


Select Works

Books and Edited Collections

Art - New Trajectories in Law Series (series editors Adam Gearey and Colin Perrin) (forthcoming, 2024) (London, Routledge)

The Practice and Process Art/Law Symposium Special Edition Law and Humanities with Jack Ky Tan (2022) 16(2) 156-280

Art, Law, Power: Perspectives on Legality and Resistance in Contemporary Aesthetics (2020) with Eleftheria Lekakis (London, Counterpress)

Protest, Property and the Commons - Performances of Law and Resistance (2016) Social Justice Books Series (London, Routledge)

Articles and Book Chapters

To Open Up: A performative rewriting of Pendragon v United Kingdom (1998) 27 EHRR CD 17 with Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos in Helen Dancer, Bonnie Holligan and Helena Howe (eds.) Earth Law Judgments Project (Hart, 2024)

Bass, Slate and Spray Paint:  On the Edge of, and within, Trespass (2023) Nuart Journal 4(1) 24-35

Forming the Legal Avant-Garde: A Theory of Art/Law (2023) Law Culture and the Humanities 19(2) 320-351

Practice and/or Process? (In)Disciplining Law and Art (2022) in Lucy Finchett-Maddock and Jack Ky Tan (eds.) The Practice and Process Art/Law Symposium Special Edition Law and Humanities 16(2) 156-164

A Poverty of the Spirit? Law, Property and Addiction (2021) in Maria Grahn Farley (ed.) Adam Gearey's Voices on Law and Activism: Addressing the Work of Adam Gearey (Uppsala, De Lege) 141-168

In Vacuums of Law We Find- Outsider Poiesis in Street Art and Graffiti (2019) in D. Chappell and Saskia Hufnagel (eds.) Art Crime Handbook (London, Palgrave MacMillan) 855-880

Continua of (In)Justice (2018) in Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos (ed.) Handbook of Law and Theory (London, Routledge) 104-123

Nonlinearity, autonomy and resistant law (2018) in Tom Webb and Stephen Wheatley (eds.) Complexity Theory & Law: Mapping an Emergent Jurisprudence, Law, Science and Society Series (London, Routledge) 213-233

Speculative Entropy - Dynamism, Hyperchaos and the Fourth Dimension in Environmental Law Practice (2018) in Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos and Victoria Brooks (eds.) ‘esearch Methods in Law Series (Handbook of Research Methods in Environmental Law) (London, Edward Elgar Publishing) 104-130

Time's Up – Resisting Private Limitations on Rights to Housing and Protest (2016) in M. Vols and J. Sidoli del Ceno (eds.) Regulating the City: Contemporary Urban Housing Law (The Hague, Eleven Publishing) 81-107

Letters on Legal Architecture (2016), with Léopold Lambert ARCH+ Legislating Architecture Berlin May 14-20 14-21

The Case of the Naughty in Relation to Law (2013) in Elena Loizidou (ed.) Disobedience: Concept and Practice (London, Routledge) 83-97

Seeing Red - Entropy, Property and Resistance in the Summer Riots 2011 (2012) Law and Critique 23(3) 199-217

Research Group/s

Member of Society for Artistic Resarch, Outside In British Art Network Research Group, Society for Artistic Research Artistic Pedagogy Research Group, Art/Law Network, Creative Practice (Bangor University), Association for the Study of Law Culture and Humanities, Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA), PloCC, Association Critical Legal Scholars, Urban Environments Research Network.

Teaching and Supervision

Lucy is the convenor of LLM module Contemporary Issues in International Environmental Law, and undergraduate module Environmental Law.  She also co-teaches on Law, Justice and Rights.


Lucy is Civic Engagement Lead for the School of History, Law and Social Sciences.

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  • K Law (General)
  • NX Arts in general
  • B Philosophy (General)

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