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I am interested in social cognition and its evolved bases. I am currently developing a new line of research on group decision-making. This work takes an information-processing perspective to explore why some teams overperform and others underperform relative to their individual members. 


I am interested in evolutionary perspectives on human social behaviour. My current research investigates collective intelligence and team decision-making, using experiemntal and modelling approaches. I am interesting in exploring how our findings might apply in real-world settings, including emergency responding, multi-discinplinary teams, and patient-clinician dyads.



Teaching and Supervision

I am the organiser and instructor for the module Social Influence. In this module, we explore the evolved bases for influence, and look at both established techniques for influence, and what we might call "defence" aginst those techniques. 

Opportunitiees for project supervision focus on teamwork, and what separates effective from ineffective teams. 


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Postgraduate Project Opportunities

Self-funded projects. I welcome enquiries from prospective PhD students relating to my interests in social cognition. Please contact me at to discuss.

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