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My Research

I am an experimental global change biologist with a focus on marine and coastal ecosystems. I am particularly interested in how anthropogenic pollutants like artificial light at night (ALAN) and anthropogenic noise affect animals in their behaviour, physiology, development, and chronobiology.

By taking a sensory ecology approach, I seek to advance our understanding of the underlying basic biology such as night-time ecology, biological rhythms (e.g., chronobiology, diel niche partitioning) while identifying avenues for mitigating adverse effects of anthropogenic global change and supporting wildlife conservation.

My research is interdisciplinary and I collaborate with molecular biologists, optical oceanographers, socio-economist and colleagues outside of academia and research (NGOs, conservation practitioners such as national park authorities and resources managers).


Postgraduate Project Opportunities

I have a range of research interests in which PhD and Master's projects could be developed. Please contact me by email in the first instance regarding topics I mentioned under my research or are related.


Education / academic qualifications

  • PhD , Behavioural impacts of anthropogenic noise on the European hermit crab Pagurus bernhardus (2019)
  • MSc , Environmenal Science, Policy and Management Erasmus Mundus (2013)
  • BA , Dutch-German Double Diploma BA/ BSc. Public Administration Special Emphasis: European Studies (2010)

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