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In this short conversation piece, people in Wales are encouraged to apply for free school meals for their children if they are entitled to do so, as the pupil development grant that schools receive makes a difference to lift the educational attainment of pupils living in deprivation. This article encourages parents to make hay whilst the sun shines, as it is unknown how much longer the pupil deprivation grant will be available for in these uncertain times post Brexit-vote. You REAP what you sow. More investment in the early years is beneficial to the long term development of young people in Wales, especially those from less affluent backgrounds.


  • tlodi, addysg, gwledig, pupil development grant, pdg, grant datblygu disgyblion, cinio ysgol am ddim, poverty , rural, EDUCATION, free school meals, fsm
Translated title of the contributionYou have to reap before you can sow: poverty in rural education in Wales
Original languageWelsh
Media of outputBlog
Publication statusPublished - 3 Jul 2018

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