The Sino-Indian Border War and the Foreign Policies of China and India (1950-1965)

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  • Muchun Zhang


There has been growing interest in the historical analysis of the Sino-Indian relations and the Sino-Indian border issue, yet little research has focus on the impact of two Government’s foreign policies on the Sino-Indian border issue. This study examines the Sino-Indian relations, particularly the Sino-Indian border issue, Tibetan issues and China and India’s foreign policies in the middle 20th century. This research will examine the origin and development of the Sino-Indian border issue and connections between and national diplomatic policies and the border disputes in China and India. More specifically, this research aims to illustrate the origins of the Sino-Indian border dispute, the role Tibet played in the Sino-Indian border issue, the impacts of their foreign policies on the Sino-Indian border issue from the 1950s to the 1960s, the measures both states took to ease boundary intension and conflicts, why the 1962
Border War happened, and what changes to foreign policies two governments made before and after the 1962 Border War. This study involves the collection and analysis of historical archival materials and official documents from both China and India.


Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Fan Hong (External person) (Supervisor)
  • Peter Shapely (Supervisor)
Award date2018