Mrs Bid Webb

Cysylltai Addysgu Mewn Coedwigaeth A Datblygu Adnoddau Naturiol Rhyngwladol

Contact info

Room: F8b, Thoday Building, School of Natural Sciences, Bangor University


Phone: +44 (0) 1248 382934

Web: LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Twitter, Multi-Land


I teach Masters-level forestry students Social Issues in Forest Management, Sustainable Use of Non-Timber Forest Products, Distance Learning Dissertation and contribute to other forestry modules. Prior to teaching, I spent 14 years working in Wales’ national environmental body, Natural Resources Wales (formally Environment Agency) before embarking on doctoral research. With experience in ecological monitoring and assessment, pollution prevention and conservation management, my current research interests are in soil function and hydrology, particularly the interaction between trees, soil and water. My research with the Multiland project asks what role trees can play in Natural Flood Management (NFM) and I have a strong bias towards applied research.

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    How do hedgerows influence soil organic carbon stock in livestock-grazed pasture?

    Ford, H., Healey, J. R., Webb, B., Pagella, T. F. & Smith, A. R., 31 Rhag 2019, Yn : Soil Use and Management. 35, 4, t. 576-584

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    Science to Policy: Impacts of trees on farm ecosystem services

    Wiik, E., Toberman, H., Ford, H., Webb, B., Healey, J., Pagella, T., Marley, C. & Smith, A., 19 Maw 2019, Ser Cymru National Research Network for Low Carbon, Energy and Environment. 8 t.

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