Dr Corinna Patterson


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Room 121, Mezzanine floor Main Arts


email c.patterson@bangor.ac.uk


Tel: 01248 382978

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  2. Cyhoeddwyd

    Civilising community? A critical exploration of local civil society in North West Wales

    Plows, A. J., Mann, R., Plows, A. & Patterson, C., 1 Tach 2011, Yn : Voluntary Sector Review. 2, 3, t. 317-335

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  3. Cyhoeddwyd

    Wales in a Global Neighbourhood: The Impact of Globalization on Two Welsh Market Towns

    Patterson, C., 1 Rhag 2011, Yn : Contemporary Wales. 24, 1, t. 86-112

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  5. Cyhoeddwyd

    Global Identity in Multicultural and International Educational Context: Students Identity Formation in International Schools by Nigel Bagnall

    Patterson, C., 6 Mai 2016, Yn : British Journal of Educational Studies. 64, 2, t. 273-276 3 t.

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  7. Cyhoeddwyd

    Dislocation, dislocation, dislocation? The methodological and ethical implications of anonymising place

    Plows, A., Mann, R. & Patterson, C., Ion 2012, Anonymisation in Social Research.

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  8. Cyhoeddwyd

    Why we should give prejudiced students a voice in the classroom

    Patterson, C., 3 Hyd 2018, The Conversation.

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