Dr Luis Gimenez Noya

Senior Lecturer in Marine Biology

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Room: 402 Westbury Mount
Phone: 01248 382904
E-mail: l.gimenez@bangor.ac.uk
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Web: http://luisgimeneznoya.wixsite.com/luis-gimenez-


I am a senior lecturer in marine biology, specialized in larval ecology of benthic invertebrates and benthic ecology. In 1991, I graduated in Biological Sciences at Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de la República, Uruguay. I did my MSc (1996) and PhD (2000) also in Uruguay, in the context of the Uruguayan Postgraduate programme (PEDECIBA) and the German academic exchange programme (DAAD). My theses were developed in the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Marine Station of Helgoland, Germany, focusing on ecological consequences of maternal effects and developmental plasticity. From 1992 to September of 2007, I had a position as Assistente Gr. 2 at Seccion Oceanología, also at Facultad de Ciencias, Uruguay. Between 2003 and 2005 I undertook postdoctoral research also at the Marine Station of Helgoland financed by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

My research interests are focused in determining causes of patterns of distribution of marine organisms with emphases on the larval ecology of marine benthic invertebrates. I work in eco-physiology (effects of environmental conditions on larval growth, development and survival), in undersanding the role of  larval  supply, and phenotypic plasticity (maternal, carry-over, latent and other developmental effects) in driving recruitment of benthic invertebrates. I also work in community ecology, studying causes of patterns of community structure at multiple spatial scales and in the role of larvae for metapopulation connectivity and benthic-pelagic coupling.

Research Areas:


  1. 2021
  2. An interdisciplinary approach to understanding predator modification of antipredator traits in prey

    Author: Karythis, S., 22 Jun 2021

    Supervisor: Jenkins, S. (Supervisor), Whiteley, N. (Supervisor), McCarthy, I. (Supervisor) & Gimenez Noya, L. (Supervisor)

    Student thesis: Doctor of Philosophy

  3. 2020
  4. Effects of Multiple Stressors on the Development and Performance of Decapod Crustaceans

    Author: Curry, A., 5 Feb 2020

    Supervisor: Gimenez Noya, L. (Supervisor)

    Student thesis: Doctor of Philosophy

  5. 2018
  6. Taxonomy and Biogeography of the Polychaetes of the Falkland Islands: Critical Analysis of Published Works

    Author: Darbyshire, T., 29 Oct 2018

    Supervisor: Gimenez Noya, J. (Supervisor)

    Student thesis: Doctor of Philosophy

  7. 2017
  8. The biology and ecology of the rocky shore crab Leptodius exaratus (H. Milne Edwards, 1834) on the coast of Kuwait

    Author: Al-Wazzan, Z., Jan 2017

    Supervisor: Le Vay, L. (Supervisor), Gimenez Noya, J. (Supervisor) & Behbehani, M. (External person) (Supervisor)

    Student thesis: Doctor of Philosophy

  9. 2016
  10. Will warming affect food web structure?

    Author: Jenkins, S., Jan 2016

    Supervisor: Jenkins, S. (Supervisor), Gimenez Noya, J. (Supervisor) & Davies, A. (Supervisor)

    Student thesis: Doctor of Philosophy

  11. 2014
  12. Climate-driven changes in the recruitment success of marine invertebrates: the role of food supply and temperature

    Author: Griffith, K., 21 Feb 2014

    Supervisor: Gimenez Noya, L. (Supervisor)

    Student thesis: Doctor of Philosophy