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  1. 1998
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    The King’s Cousin: The Life, Career and Welsh Connection of Sir Richard Pole, 1458-1504

    Pierce, H., 2 Rhag 1998, Yn : Welsh History Review. 19, 2, t. 187-225

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  3. 2016
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  5. 2017
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    Hydroacoustics for the discovery and quantification of Nassau grouper (Epinephelus striatus) spawning aggregations

    Egerton, J., Johnson, A. F., Le Vay, L., McCoy, C. M., Semmens, B. X., Heppell, S. A. & Turner, J., Meh 2017, Yn : Coral Reefs. 36, 2, t. 589-600 12 t.

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  8. 2018
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    Limited impact of an invasive oyster on intertidal assemblage structure and biodiversity: the importance of environmental context and functional equivalency with native species

    Zwerschke, N., Hollyman, P., Wild, R., Stringer, R., Turner, J. & King, J., Mai 2018, Yn : Marine Biology. 165, 5, 88.

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  10. Cyhoeddwyd

    First record of coralline fungal disease (CFD) in the Indian Ocean

    Williams, G., Roche, R. & Turner, J., 4 Meh 2018, Yn : Coral Reefs. , 1 t.

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    What does good look like? Setting its outcome principles and Framework for Wales. Consultation Report.

    Wallace, C., Stone, J., Beeckman, L., Davies, E., Davies, F., Evans, R., Griffiths, M., Kenkre, J., Llewellyn, M., Lynch, M., Pontin, D., Powell, D., Roberts, G., Rees, S., Smith, S., Thomas, S., Vinnicombe, S. & Wallace, S., 3 Hyd 2018, 14 t.

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  13. 2019
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