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  1. 2019
  2. Cyhoeddwyd

    The role of the visual arts in the resilience of people living with dementia in care homes

    Newman, A., Goulding, A., Davenport, B. & Windle, G., Tach 2019, Yn : Ageing and Society. 39, 11, t. 2465-2482

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    Mixed experiences of a mindfulness-informed intervention: Voices from people with intellectual disabilities, their supporters, and therapists

    Griffith, G., Hastings, R., Williams, J., Jones, R., Roberts, J., Crane, R., Snowden, H., Bryning, L., Hoare, Z. & Edwards, R., Medi 2019, Yn : Mindfulness. 10, 9, t. 1828-1841

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    'This is killing me inside': the impact of having a parent with young-onset dementia

    Huws, J., Aslett, H., Woods, R. & Kelly-Rhind, J., 1 Ebr 2019, Yn : Dementia: International Journal of Social Research and Practice. 18, 3, t. 1089-1107

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    Facilitating implementation of research evidence (FIRE): A randomised controlled trial and process evaluation of two models of facilitation informed by the promoting action on research implementation in health services (PARIHS) framework

    Seers, K., Rycroft-Malone, J., Harvey, G., Cox, K., Chricton, N. J., Edwards, R., Eldh, A. C., Estabrooks, C., Hawkes, C., Jones, C., Kitson, A., McCormack, B., McMullan, C., Mockford, C., Niessen, T., Slater, P., Titchen, A., van der Zijpp, T. & Wallin, L., 25 Maw 2019, Yn : Implementation Science. 14, Supp 1, t. S46

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    Attitudes towards epilepsy in the UK population: Results from a 2018 national survey

    Holmes, E., Bourke, S. & Plumpton, C., Chwef 2019, Yn : Seizure: European Journal of Epilepsy. 65, t. 12-19

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  7. 2018
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    Impact of non-adherence and flare resolution on the cost effectiveness of treatments for gout: Application of a linked pharmacometric/pharmacoeconomic model

    Hill-McManus, D., Marshall, S., Soto, E., Lane, S. & Hughes, D., Rhag 2018, Yn : Value in Health. 21, 12, t. 1373-1381

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    Reminiscence therapy for dementia: an abridged Cochrane systematic review of the evidence from randomized controlled trials

    O' Philbin, L., Woods, B., Farrell, E. M., Spector, A. E. & Orrell, M., Medi 2018, Yn : Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics. 18, 9, t. 715-727 13 t.

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    Mixed methods process evaluation of an enhanced community-based rehabilitation intervention for elderly patients with hip fracture

    Roberts, J. L., Pritchard, A. W., Williams, M., Totton, N., Morrison, V., Din, N. U. & Williams, N. H., 8 Awst 2018, Yn : BMJ Open. 8, 8, t. e021486

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    Patient understanding and acceptability of an early lung cancer diagnosis trial: a qualitative study

    Prout, H. C., Barham, A., Bongard, E., Edwards, R., Griffiths, G., Hamilton, W., Harrop, E., Hood, K., Hurt, C. N., Nelson, R., Porter, C., Roberts, K., Rogers, T., Thomas-Jones, E., Tod, A., Yeo, S. T., Neal, R. D. & Nelson, A., 4 Awst 2018, Yn : Trials. 19, 13 t., 419.

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    Byw yn dda yn hirach: Y ddadl economaidd dros fuddsoddi yn iechyd a llesiant pobl hŷn yng Nghymru

    Edwards, R., Spencer, L., Bryning, L. & Anthony, B., 30 Gorff 2018, 68 t.

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