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  1. 2019
  2. Cyhoeddwyd

    Teasing apart factors influencing executive function performance in bilinguals and monolinguals at different ages: Teasing apart factors

    Gathercole, V., Thomas, E., Vinas-Guasch, N., Kennedy, I., Prys, C., Young, N., Roberts, E., Hughes-Parry, E. & Jones, L., 12 Meh 2019, Bilingualism, Executive Function, and Beyond: Questions and insights. Sekerina, I., Spradlin, L. & Valian, V. (gol.). Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, Cyfrol 57 . t. 295-336 42 t. (Studies in Bilingualism; Cyfrol 57).

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  4. 2018
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    Poverty, Education, and Cultural Wealth in Welsh Schools and Communities

    ap Gruffudd, G., Spencer, L., Payne, J. & Wilde, A., 11 Ebr 2018. 23 t.

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  7. 2017
  8. Cyhoeddwyd

    Re-thinking Educational Attainment and Poverty (REAP) - in Rural Wales

    ap Gruffudd, G., Spencer, L., Payne, J., Wilde, A., Watkins, R., Jones, S., Thomas, E. M., Hughes, C. & O'Connor, B., 1 Tach 2017, Bangor University. 130 t.

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  9. 2016
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    Spatial patterns and environmental constraints on ecosystem services at a catchment scale

    Emmett, B., Cooper, D., Smart, S., Jackson, B., Thomas, A., Cosby, B., Evans, C., Glanville, H., McDonald, J., Malham, S., Marshall, M., Jarvis, S., Rajko-Nenow, P., Webb, G. P., Ward, S., Rowe, E., Jones, L., Vanbergen, E. J., Keith, A., Carter, H., Pereira, M. G., Hughes, S., Lebron, I., Wade, A. & Jones, D., 1 Rhag 2016, Yn : Science of the Total Environment. 572, t. 1586-1600

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  11. Cyhoeddwyd

    Mineralization of organic nitrogen from farm manure applications

    Bhogal, A., Williams, J. R., Nicholson, F. A., Chadwick, D. R., Chambers, K. H. & Chambers, B. J., 1 Meh 2016, Yn : Soil Use and Management. 32, S1, t. 32-43

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  12. Cyhoeddwyd

    Practice Guide to Inclusive Pre-School Education in the Czech Republic, England, Slovakia and Wales

    Hardova, E., Hutchings, J., ap Gruffudd, G., Williams, S. E., Williams, M., Vydra, S., Handzelova, J. & Syslova, Z., 2016, The European Union.

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  13. 2014
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    Research and conservation of the larger parrots of Africa and Madagascar: a review of knowledge gaps and opportunities

    Martin, R. O., Perrin, M. R., Boyes, R. S., Abebe, Y. D., Annorbah, N. D., Asamoah, A., Bizimana, D., Bobo, K. S., Bunbury, N., Brouwer, J., Diop, M. S., Ewnetu, M., Fotso, R. C., Garteh, J., Hall, P., Holbech, L. H., Madindou, I. R., Maisels, F., Mokoko, J., Mulwa, R., Reuleaux, A., Symes, C., Tamungang, S., Taylor, S., Valle, S., Waltert, M. & Wondafrash, M., 2014, Yn : Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology. 85, 3, t. 205-233

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  15. 2012
  16. Cyhoeddwyd

    Improved power budgets of end-to-end real-time optical OFDM PON systems using wavelength-offset optical filtering

    Wei, J. L., Hugues-Salas, E., C, S., [No Value], XE., [Unknown], N., Jin, X. Q., Giddings, R. P., Pierce, I., Ortega, B., Shu, C. & Tang, J. M., 2012, t. 1-3. 3 t.

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