Ysgol Gwyddorau Naturiol

  1. Cervical Cancer Diagnostics

    Mark Baird (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Technegol, Ansawdd Bywyd / Iechyd

  2. Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells

    Peter Holliman (Cyfranogwr), Moneer Mohsen (Cyfranogwr), Arthur Connell (Cyfranogwr) & Kareem Al Salihi (Cyfranogwr)


  3. Enhanced carbon footprinting of food products

    Gareth Edwards-Jones (Cyfranogwr), Paul Cross (Cyfranogwr), David Jones (Cyfranogwr) & Ian Harris (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Economegol, Amgylchedd, Technegol, Polisi a Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus, Cymdeithasol

  4. International conservation and restoration of peatland and improved drinking water quality through peatland carbon sequestration research

    Chris Freeman (Cyfranogwr), Maurice Lock (Cyfranogwr), Nathalie Fenner (Cyfranogwr), Timothy Jones (Cyfranogwr), Hannah Toberman (Cyfranogwr) & Timothy Ellis (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Amgylchedd, Ansawdd Bywyd / Iechyd

  5. New DNA forensics tools improve sustainable fisheries management and reduce wildlife crime

    Nick Dawnay (Cyfranogwr), Gary Carvalho (Cyfranogwr), Roger Thorpe (Cyfranogwr), Lindsay Peppin (Cyfranogwr), Sarah Helyar (Cyfranogwr) & M. DeBruyn (Cyfranogwr)


  6. New rice varieties improve livelihoods of millions of households in India and Nepal

    John Witcombe (Cyfranogwr), Daljit Virk (Cyfranogwr), Krishna Joshi (Cyfranogwr) & David Harris (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Ansawdd Bywyd / Iechyd, Cymdeithasol, Economegol

  7. Novel applications for fractionation of plant biomass in the food ingredients industry

    Runcang Sun (Cyfranogwr), Jianmin Fang (Cyfranogwr), Alan Bolton (Cyfranogwr) & William Banks (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Economegol