Dr Sophie Ward

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Room: 107 Marine Centre Wales           Phone: 01248 383978

Email: sophie.ward@bangor.ac.uk

Web: ResearchGate;


I am a physical oceanographer with special interest in ocean modelling. I have experience of applying models to a broad range of research topics including marine renewable energy, past climate conditions, marine biosecurity and the aquaculture industry.

I worked for several years as a physical oceanographer on the SEACAMS 2 project, conducting collaborative RD&I projects with the marine renewable energy sector in Wales.  I am currently a numerical modeller working on the ECOSTRUCTURE and Cockles projects, as well as the Shellfish Centre and Menai Offshore Subsurface Shellfish Systems projects, which are focussed on the shellfish industry around the Welsh Coast.

I graduated with a degree in Natural Sciences (Physics and Environmental Science) from the University of Bath in 2007, after which I worked as a Graduate Environmental Consultant in North Wales. I then undertook a MSc in Applied Physical Oceanography, followed by a PhD in Physical Oceanography, both at Bangor University. The focus of my PhD project was on simulating changes in Northwest European shelf sea tides due to sea-level rise since the Last Glacial Maximum, and exploring the use of seabed sediment grain size as a proxy for past tidal current conditions. 

Particular areas of research interest include: numerical modelling (physical, biophysical and biogeochemical/ecosystem), sediment dynamics, sea-level rise and climate change, marine renewable energy.

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    A new seabed mobility index for the Irish Sea: Modelling seabed shear stress and classifying sediment mobilisation to help predict erosion, deposition, and sediment distribution.

    Coughlan, M., Guerrini, M., Creane, S., O'Shea, M., Ward, S., Van Landeghem, K., Murphy, J. & Doherty, P., 5 Hyd 2021, Yn : Continental Shelf Research. 104574.

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  3. Cyhoeddwyd

    Advance and retreat of the marine-terminating Irish Sea Ice Stream into the Celtic Sea during the Last Glacial: Timing and maximum extent

    Scourse, J., Saher, M., Van Landeghem, K., Lockhart, E., Purcell, C., Callard, S. L., Roseby, Z., Allison, B., Pieńkowski, A., Ó Cofaigh, C., Praeg, D., Ward, S., Chiverrell, R. C., Moreton, S., Fabel, D. & Clark, C., 1 Meh 2019, Yn : Marine Geology. 412, t. 53-68

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  4. Cyhoeddwyd

    Briefing: Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference 2012

    Green, M., Davies, A. G., Bowers, D. G., Zhu, F., Ward, S. L. & Porter, K., Medi 2013, Yn : Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Maritime Engineering. 166, 3, t. 101-108

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  6. Cyhoeddwyd

    Characteristics of the velocity profile at tidal-stream energy sites

    Lewis, M., Neill, S., Robins, P., Hashemi, M. R. & Ward, S., Rhag 2017, Yn : Renewable Energy. 114, Part A, t. 258-272

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  7. Cyhoeddwyd

    Classifying seabed sediment type using simulated tidal-induced bed shear stress

    Ward, S. L., Neill, S. P., Van Landeghem, K. J. & Scourse, J. D., 30 Mai 2015, Yn : Marine Geology. 367, t. 94-104

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  8. Cyhoeddwyd

    Comparison of 4- and 5-beam acoustic Doppler current profiler configurations for measurement of turbulent kinetic energy

    Togneri, M., Jones, D., Neill, S., Lewis, M., Ward, S., Piano, M. & Masters, I., 5 Medi 2017, Yn : Energy Procedia. 125, t. 260-267

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  9. Cyhoeddwyd

    Modelling tides and sea-level rise: To flood or not to flood

    Pelling, H. E., Green, J. A. M. & Ward, S. L., Maw 2013, Yn : Ocean Modelling. 63, t. 21-29

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  10. Cyhoeddwyd

    Non-linear landscape and cultural response to sea-level rise

    Barnett, R., Charman, D. J., Johns, C., Ward, S., Bevan, A., Bradley, S. L., Cambridge, K., Fyfe, R. M., Gehrels, W. R., Hatton, J., Khan, N. S., Marshall, P., Maezumi, S. Y., Mills, S., Mulville, J., Perez, M., Roberts, H. M., Scourse, J. D., Shepherd, F. & Stevens, T., 4 Tach 2020, Yn : Science Advances. 6, 45, eabb6376.

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  11. Cyhoeddwyd

    Research priorities for assessing potential impacts of emerging marine renewable energy technologies: Insights from developments in Wales (UK)

    Roche, RC., Walker-Springett, K., Robins, PE., Jones, J., Veneruso, G., Whitton, TA., Piano, M., Ward, SL., Duce, CE., Waggitt, JJ., Walker-Springett, G., Neill, S., Lewis, M. & King, J., 1 Rhag 2016, Yn : Renewable Energy. 99, December, t. 1327-1341 15 t.

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  12. Cyhoeddwyd

    Sensitivity of palaeotidal models of the northwest European shelf seas to glacial isostatic adjustment since the Last Glacial Maximum

    Ward, S., Neill, S., Scourse, J., Bradley, S. L. & Uehara, K., 1 Tach 2016, Yn : Quaternary Science Reviews. 151, t. 198-211

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  13. Cyhoeddwyd

    Simulated Late-glacial and Holocene relative sea-level and palaeotidal changes on the Isles of Scilly: a new approach for assessing changes in the areal extent of the inter-tidal zone

    Mortimer, T. A., Scourse, J. D., Ward, S. L. & Uehara, K., 31 Rhag 2013, Yn : Geoscience in South-West England. 13, 2, t. 152-158

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  14. Cyhoeddwyd

    The challenges of constraining shelf sea tidal models using seabed sediment grain size as a proxy for tidal currents

    Ward, S., Scourse, J., Yokoyama, Y. & Neill, S., Rhag 2020, Yn : Continental Shelf Research. 205, 104165.

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  15. Cyhoeddwyd

    The role of megatides and relative sea level in controlling the deglaciation of the British-Irish and Fennoscandinavian ice sheets

    Scourse, J., Ward, S., Wainwright, A., Bradley, S. L. & Uehara, K., Chwef 2018, Yn : Quaternary Science. 33, 2, t. 139-149

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  16. Cyhoeddwyd

    Tidal range energy resource and optimization – past perspectives and future challenges

    Neill, S., Angeloudis, A., Robins, P., Walkington, I., Ward, S., Masters, I., Lewis, M., Piano, M., Avdis, A., Piggott, M., Aggidis, G., Evans, P., Adcock, T., Zidonis, A., Ahmadian, R. & Falconer, R., Tach 2018, Yn : Renewable Energy. 127, November, t. 763-778

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  17. Cyhoeddwyd

    Tidal stream resource assessment uncertainty due to flow asymmetry and turbine yaw misalignment

    Piano, M., Neill, S., Lewis, M., Robins, P., Hashemi, R., Davies, A., Ward, S. & Roberts, M., Rhag 2017, Yn : Renewable Energy. t. 1363-1375

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  18. Cyhoeddwyd

    Tidal stream resource characterisation in progressive versus standing wave systems

    Ward, S., Robins, P., Lewis, M., Iglesias, G., Hashemi, M. R. & Neill, S., 15 Meh 2018, Yn : Applied Energy. 220, t. 274-285

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  19. Cyhoeddwyd

    Tides, sea-level rise and tidal power extraction on the European shelf

    Ward, S. L., Green, J. A. M. & Pelling, H. E., Awst 2012, Yn : Ocean Dynamics. 62, 8, t. 1153-1167

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  20. Cyhoeddwyd

    Tracking Holocene palaeostratification and productivity changes in the Western Irish Sea: A multi-proxy record

    Woods, M. A., Wilkinson, I. P., Leng, M. J., Riding, J. B., Vane, C. H., Lopes dos Santos, R. A., Kender, S., De Schepperd, S., Hennissen, J. A. I., Ward, S. L., Gowing, C. J. B., Wilby, P. R., Nichols, M. D. & Rochelle, C. A., 15 Hyd 2019, Yn : Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. 532

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    Ward, S., 2021, 30-Second Oceans: 50 key ideas about the sea's importance to life on earth. Green, M. & Lenn, Y-D. (gol.). The Ivy Press

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