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    The synthesis, molecular structure and fluxional properties of the 1-phenylpropyne complex WI2(CO){Ph2P(CH2)PPh2}(eta(2)-MeC2Ph)

    Baker, P. K., Beckett, M. A., Drew, M. G. B., Godinho, S., Robertson, N. & Underhill, A. E., 1998, In : Inorganica Chimica Acta. 279, 1, p. 65-68 4 p.

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    Thiophene-Functionalized TTF ?-Electron Donors as Potential Precursors to Conducting Polymers and Organic Metals: Synthesis, Properties, Structure, and Electropolymerization Studies

    Charlton, A., Underhill, A. E., Williams, G., Kalaji, M., Murphy, P. J., Malik, K. M. A. & Hursthouse, M. B., 1997, In : Journal of Organic Chemistry. 62, 10, p. 3098-3102 5 p.

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