Dr Ronan Roche

Cymrawd Ymchwil

Contact info

Room: 3rd Floor Marine Centre Wales    Phone: 01248 383972

E-mail: r.roche@bangor.ac.uk

Web: Twitter; Google Scholar; ResearchGate

I am a Research Fellow at the Center for Applied Marine Sciences, with a broad background in marine ecology, environmental geochemistry, and social/anthropological research, and specific training and expertise in environmental sampling and data analysis. I utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to address pressing environmental questions, and have a strong record of professional collaboration with industry and NGOs.

Research Areas

Marine Conservation and Resource Management

Marine Ecology



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  2. Cyhoeddwyd

    A review of a decade of lessons from one of the world’s largest MPAs: conservation gains and key challenges

    Hays, G. C., Koldewey, H., Meeuwig, J. J., Attrill, M. J., Barley, S., Bayley, D., . Benkwitt, C. E., Block, B., Schallert, R. J., Carlisle, A. B., Carr, P., Chapple, T. K., Collins, C., Diaz, C., Dunn, N., Dunbar, R. B., Eager, D. S., Engel, J., Embling, C. B., Esteban, N., Ferretti, F., Foster, N. L., Freeman, R., Gollock, M., Graham, N. A. J., Harris, J. L., Head, C. E. I., Hosegood, P., Howell, K. L., Hussey, N. E., Jacoby, D. M. P., Jones, R., Lange, I. D., Letessier, T. B., Levey, E., Lindhart, M., McDevitt-Irwin, J. M., Meekan, M. G., Micheli, F., Mogg, A., Mortimer, J. A., Mucciarone, D., Nicoll, M. A., Nuno, A., Perry, C. T., Sannassy Pilly, J., Preston, S. G., Rattray, A. J., Robinson, E., Roche, R., Schiele, M., Sheehan, E. V., Sheppard, A., Sheppard, C., Smith, A. L., Soule, B., Spalding, M., Stevens, G. M. W., Steyaert, M., Stiffel, S., Taylor, B., Tickler, D. M., Trevail, A. M., Trueba, P., Turner, J., Votier, S., Wilson, B., Williams, G., Williamson, B. J., Williamson, M. J., Wood, H. & Curnick, D. J., 14 Hyd 2020, Yn : Marine Biology. 167, 11, 159.

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  3. Cyhoeddwyd
  4. Cyhoeddwyd

    Coral bleaching and mortality in the Chagos Archipelago to 2017

    Sheppard, C., Sheppard, A., Mogg, A., Bayley, D., Dempsey, A. C., Roche, R., Turner, J. & Purkis, S., Tach 2017, Yn : Atoll Research Bulletin . 613, 613, t. 1 25 t.

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  5. Cyhoeddwyd

    Coral bleaching impacts from back-to-back 2015–2016 thermal anomalies in the remote central Indian Ocean

    Head, C. E. I., Bayley, D. T. I., Rowlands, G., Roche, R. C., Tickler, D. M., Rogers, A. D., Koldewey, H., Turner, J. R. & Andradi-Brown, D. A., 1 Awst 2019, Yn : Coral Reefs. 38, 4, t. 605-618

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  6. Cyhoeddwyd

    First record of coralline fungal disease (CFD) in the Indian Ocean

    Williams, G., Roche, R. & Turner, J., 4 Meh 2018, Yn : Coral Reefs. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00338-018-1704-z , 1 t.

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  7. Cyhoeddwyd

    Localized outbreaks of Acanthaster planci at an isolated and unpopulated reef atoll in the Chagos Archipelago

    Roche, R. C., Pratchett, M. S., Carr, P., Turner, J. R., Wagner, D., Head, C. & Sheppard, C. R., 23 Gorff 2015, Yn : Marine Biology. 162, 8, t. 1695-1704

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  8. Cyhoeddwyd

    Mid-Holocene sea surface conditions and riverine influence on the inshore Great Barrier Reef.

    Roche, R. C., Perry, C. T., Smithers, S. G., Leng, M. J., Grove, C. A., Sloane, H. J. & Unsworth, C. E., 5 Meh 2014, Yn : Holocene. 24, 8, t. 885-897

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  9. Cyhoeddwyd

    Patterns in reef fish assesmblages: insights from the Chagos Archipelago

    Samoilys, M., Roche, R., Koldewey, H. & Turner, J., 19 Ion 2018, Yn : PLoS ONE. 13, 1, e0191448.

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  10. E-gyhoeddi cyn argraffu

    Protection outcomes for fish trophic groups across a range of management regimes

    Osuka, K. E., Stewart, B. D., Samoilys, M. A., Roche, R., Turner, J. & McClean, C., 7 Hyd 2021, Yn : Marine Pollution Bulletin. 173 , Part A, 113010.

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  11. Cyhoeddwyd

    Recreational Diving Impacts on Coral Reefs and the Adoption of Environmentally Responsible Practices within the SCUBA Diving Industry

    Roche, R., Harvey, C. V., Harvey, J. J., Kavanagh, A. P., McDonald, M., Stein-Rostaing, V. R. & Turner, J., 1 Gorff 2016, Yn : Environmental Management. 58, 1, t. 107-116

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  12. Cyhoeddwyd

    Recreational vessels as a vector for marine non-natives: developing biosecurity measures and managing risk through an in-water encapsulation system

    Roche, R. C., Monnington, J. M., Newstead, R. G., Sambrook, K., Griffith, K., Holt, R. H. & Jenkins, S. R., 5 Rhag 2014, Yn : Hydrobiologia. 750, 1, t. 187-199

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  13. Cyhoeddwyd

    Research priorities for assessing potential impacts of emerging marine renewable energy technologies: Insights from developments in Wales (UK)

    Roche, RC., Walker-Springett, K., Robins, PE., Jones, J., Veneruso, G., Whitton, TA., Piano, M., Ward, SL., Duce, CE., Waggitt, JJ., Walker-Springett, G., Neill, S., Lewis, M. & King, J., 1 Rhag 2016, Yn : Renewable Energy. 99, December, t. 1327-1341 15 t.

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  14. Cyhoeddwyd

    Spatial and temporal scales of coral reef fish ecological research and management: a systematic map protocol

    Lawrence, A., Heenan, A., Levine, A., Haddaway, N., Powell, F., Wedding, L., Roche, R., Lawrence, P., Szostek, C., Ford, H., Southworth, L., Sannassy Pilly, J., Richardson, L. & Williams, G. J., 25 Ion 2021, Yn : Environmental Evidence. 10, 3.

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  15. Cyhoeddwyd

    The atmospheric carbon sequestration potential of man-made tidal lagoons

    Piano, M., Papadimitriou, S., Roche, R., Bowers, D., Kennedy, D. & Kennedy, H., 15 Meh 2019, Yn : Continental Shelf Research. 181, t. 90-102

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  16. Cyhoeddwyd

    Towards Developing a Mechanistic Understanding of Coral Reef Resilience to Thermal Stress Across Multiple Scales

    Roche, R., Williams, G. & Turner, J., Maw 2018, Yn : Current Climate Change Reports. 4, 1, t. 51-64 D 87.

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