School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

  1. Advances in procedural animation for Virtual Reality [REF2021]

    Llyr Ap Cenydd (Participant) & William Teahan (Participant)

    Impact: Technological, Health/Quality of life

  2. Design Methods for Computing (including Five Design-Sheets)

    Jonathan Roberts (Participant), Panagiotis Ritsos (Participant) & Christopher Headleand (Participant)

    Impact: Technological

  3. Enhancing of National Grid Stability via optimisation of “Dinorwig Hydro Power Station”

    Dewi Jones (Participant), Saad Mansoor (Participant) & German Munoz - Hernandez (Participant)

    Impact: Technological

  4. Heritage models, heritage visualisation of prehistory and at-risk sites in Wales including Maid of Harlech

    Jonathan Roberts (Participant), Panagiotis Ritsos (Participant), Joseph Mearman (Participant), Raimund Karl (Participant), Andrew Wilson (Participant), Helen Miles (Participant), Bernard Tiddeman (Participant), Katharina Möller (Participant), Katharina Möller (Participant), Sarah M. Griffiths (Participant), Frederik Labrosse (Participant) & Edwards Ben (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural, Societal, Technological, Environmental

  5. Laser Micromachining Limited (LML)

    Ronald Pethig (Participant), Julian Burt (Participant), Mark Talary (Participant), John Tame (Participant), Christopher Hayden (Participant), Andrew Goater (Participant), A. Menachery (Participant) & Nadeem Rizvi (Participant)


  6. Minimally invasive procedural training for clinicians using virtual patients

    Nigel John (Participant), Franck Vidal (Participant), Christopher Hughes (Participant), Serban Pop (Participant), Llyr Ap Cenydd (Participant), Michael Rees (Participant), Derek Gould (Participant) & Timothy Coles (Participant)

    Impact: Health/Quality of life, Technological

  7. Research Institute of Visual Computing (RIVIC)

    Jonathan Roberts (Participant), Nigel John (Participant), Panagiotis Ritsos (Participant), Llyr Ap Cenydd (Participant), Sian Hope (Participant), Christopher Hughes (Participant), Ik Soo Lim (Participant), Helen Miles (Participant), Serban Pop (Participant), Stevie Scanlan (Participant), Franck Vidal (Participant), Rafal Mantiuk (Participant), Yoann Pavia (Participant) & Richard Walker (Participant)

    Impact: Economic, Technological, Environmental, Societal

  8. SME Research in a European Union Convergence Region

    Dylan Jones-Evans (Participant), Sally Sambrook (Participant), Clair Doloriert (Participant), Sonya Hanna (Participant), Jennifer Rowley (Participant), Beata Kupiec-Teahan (Participant) & Siwan Mitchelmore (Participant)


  9. VRIA - A Web-based Framework for Creating Immersive Analytics Experiences,

    Panagiotis Ritsos (Participant), Peter Butcher (Participant), Nigel W. John (Participant), Niklas Elmqvist (Participant) & Andrea Batch (Participant)

    Impact: Technological, Policy and Public Services, Economic, Environmental