Hidlyddion uwch
  1. Work featured by Taylor and Francis newsroom

    Judith Fathallah (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Diwilliannol, Economegol

  2. Apton - Start up company

    Steffan Thomas (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Economegol, Cymdeithasol, Technegol, Diwilliannol

  3. Building Creative Communities

    Ffion Evans (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Ansawdd Bywyd / Iechyd, Diwilliannol, Economegol, Polisi a Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus

  4. A Guide To Health Economics: a concise desktop handbook

    Joanna Charles (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Polisi a Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus

  5. Mindfulness-based interventions enhance wellbeing: development and implementation

    Rebecca Crane (Cyfranogwr), Richard Hastings (Cyfranogwr), Judith Soulsby (Cyfranogwr), Catrin Eames (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Ansawdd Bywyd / Iechyd

  6. Language policy, diversity and usage

    David Crystal (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Diwilliannol, Cymdeithasol

  7. Welsh Lexicography and Terminology

    Delyth Prys (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Diwilliannol, Polisi a Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus, Technegol

  8. Extending the Reach of Welsh-language Creative Writing

    Gerwyn Wiliams (Cyfranogwr), Jason Davies (Cyfranogwr), Angharad Price (Cyfranogwr), Jerry Hunter (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Diwilliannol

  9. New rice varieties improve livelihoods of millions of households in India and Nepal

    John Witcombe (Cyfranogwr), Daljit Virk (Cyfranogwr), Krishna Joshi (Cyfranogwr), David Harris (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Ansawdd Bywyd / Iechyd, Cymdeithasol, Economegol

  10. Vertical dance

    Kate Lawrence (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Diwilliannol, Economegol, Ansawdd Bywyd / Iechyd, Cymdeithasol, Technegol

  11. Encouraging Healthy Eating in Children with the Food Dudes Programme

    Pauline Horne (Cyfranogwr), Charles Lowe (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Ansawdd Bywyd / Iechyd

  12. Enhanced carbon footprinting of food products

    Gareth Edwards-Jones (Cyfranogwr), Paul Cross (Cyfranogwr), David Jones (Cyfranogwr), Ian Harris (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Economegol, Amgylchedd, Technegol, Polisi a Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus, Cymdeithasol

  13. Evidence-based policies for new medicines

    Dyfrig Hughes (Cyfranogwr), Warren Linley (Cyfranogwr), Bronwyn Tunnage (Cyfranogwr), Seow Tien Yeo (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Polisi a Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus

  14. Novel applications for fractionation of plant biomass in the food ingredients industry

    Runcang Sun (Cyfranogwr), Jianmin Fang (Cyfranogwr), Alan Bolton (Cyfranogwr), William Banks (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Economegol

  15. Evidence-based primary care interventions to improve health benefits in cancer care

    Clare Wilkinson (Cyfranogwr), Richard Neal (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Ansawdd Bywyd / Iechyd

  16. Computing Teacher Upskilling

    David Edward Perkins (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Cymdeithasol

  17. LEXICON - dyslexia: sight, sound and sense

    Andrew Lewis (Cyfranogwr), Marketa Caravolas (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Diwilliannol, Cymdeithasol, Ansawdd Bywyd / Iechyd

  18. The Participation Society in Practice

    Koen Bartels (Cyfranogwr)


  19. Public launch of Flintshire Harries Arthurian Collection

    Raluca Radulescu (Cyfranogwr), Roger Simpson (Cyfranogwr)


  20. King Arthur family day

    Raluca Radulescu (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Diwilliannol

  21. Medieval Fun Day

    Raluca Radulescu (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Diwilliannol

  22. Contributed to discussion on Prioritising Dementia in Wales

    Catrin Hedd Jones (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Cymdeithasol, Diwilliannol, Polisi a Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus

  23. Invited to contribute to news item on Radio Cymru news

    Catrin Hedd Jones (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Polisi a Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus, Diwilliannol, Ansawdd Bywyd / Iechyd, Cymdeithasol

  24. How does the HMRC affect the financial hardship of claimants? Research Seminar and workshop

    Sara Closs-Davies (Cyfranogwr), Doris Merkl-Davies (Cyfranogwr), Koen Bartels (Cyfranogwr)

    Effaith: Polisi a Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus, Economegol, Cymdeithasol