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  1. ESRC IAA BBC National Orchestra of Wales/Pontio "Songs from Afar"

    Andrew Lewis (Participant), Bob Woods (Participant), Ann Ap Robert (Participant), Beti George (Participant) & Michael Garvey (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural, Health/Quality of life, Societal

  2. ESRC IAA Implementation of the British Early Special Schools Teaching (BESST) model in maintained special needs schools

    Marguerite Hoerger (Participant), Corinna Grindle (Participant), Michelle Slater (Participant), Ginney Gellard (Participant), Ceri Wyn Thomas (Participant) & Donna Rees Roberts (Participant)

    Impact: Societal, Health/Quality of life, Policy and Public Services, Economic

  3. ESRC IAA Kingdom of the Plastic Protista

    David Thomas (Participant) & Jane Evans (Participant)


  4. ESRC IAA Opening Up Digital Fiction Writing Competition

    Rebecca Skains (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural, Economic

  5. ESRC IAA Re-imagining the Early Years in Wales: Early childhood education and care policy symposium

    David Dallimore (Participant), Karen Graham (Participant) & Louise Davies (Participant)


  6. Early review of the Welsh Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat.

    Anne Krayer (Participant) & Catherine Robinson (Participant)

    Impact: Policy and Public Services

  7. Emotional AI: Governance, Ethics and Society [REF2021]

    Andrew McStay (Participant)

    Impact: Societal, Policy and Public Services

  8. Encouraging Healthy Eating in Children with the Food Dudes Programme

    Pauline Horne (Participant) & Charles Lowe (Participant)

    Impact: Health/Quality of life

  9. Enhanced carbon footprinting of food products

    Gareth Edwards-Jones (Participant), Paul Cross (Participant), David Jones (Participant) & Ian Harris (Participant)

    Impact: Economic, Environmental, Technological, Policy and Public Services, Societal

  10. Enhancing of National Grid Stability via optimisation of “Dinorwig Hydro Power Station”

    Dewi Jones (Participant), Saad Mansoor (Participant) & German Munoz - Hernandez (Participant)

    Impact: Technological

  11. European Travellers to Wales: Enhancing Heritage; Inspiring Tourism; Enabling Engagement [REF2021]

    Carol Tully (Participant) & Rita Singer (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural, Economic, Societal

  12. Evidence-based policies for new medicines

    Dyfrig Hughes (Participant), Warren Linley (Participant), Bronwyn Tunnage (Participant) & Seow Tien Yeo (Participant)

    Impact: Policy and Public Services

  13. Evidence-based primary care interventions to improve health benefits in cancer care

    Clare Wilkinson (Participant), Richard Neal (Participant), Margaret Hendry (Participant), Diana Pasterfield (Participant) & Ruth Lewis (Participant)

    Impact: Health/Quality of life

  14. Food Dudes: Future proofing school-based healthy eating behaviour change interventions for 3-11 year old children at school

    Pauline Horne (Participant), Mihela Erjavec (Participant), Simon Viktor (Participant), Charles Lowe (Participant), Mairead Doody (Participant), Charlotte Hardman (Participant) & Katherine Tapper (Participant)

    Impact: Health/Quality of life, Societal

  15. Governments and assessment bodies adopt an innovative quantitative method to assess the sustainability of mobile bottom fishing gears [REF2021]

    Jan Geert Hiddink (Participant), Michel Kaiser (Participant), Marija Sciberras (Participant), Gwladys Lambert (Participant), Kathryn Hughes (Participant) & Claire Szostek (Participant)

    Impact: Policy and Public Services

  16. Hen Blant Bach programme on S4C

    Catrin Hedd Jones (Participant), Bob Woods (Participant) & Nia Williams (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural, Health/Quality of life, Societal, Policy and Public Services

  17. Hidden rivers: writing and community spaces

    Zoë Skoulding (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural, Societal

  18. How does the HMRC affect the financial hardship of claimants? Research Seminar and workshop

    Sara Closs-Davies (Participant), Doris Merkl-Davies (Participant) & Koen Bartels (Participant)

    Impact: Policy and Public Services, Economic, Societal

  19. Improving reading outcomes across North Wales

    Carl Hughes (Participant), Emily Roberts-Tyler (Participant) & Michael Beverley (Participant)


  20. Improving the UK agricultural greenhouse gas emissions inventory [REF2021]

    Dave Chadwick (Participant), Prysor Williams (Participant) & David Styles (Participant)

    Impact: Policy and Public Services

  21. Increased efficiency in global rice breeding [REF2021]

    John Witcombe (Participant), Daljit Virk (Participant) & Krishna Joshi (Participant)

    Impact: Economic, Health/Quality of life, Societal

  22. Innovation in Dementia Care: Positive Impact of Visual Arts Interventions [REF2021]

    Gill Windle (Participant), Katherine Algar-Skaife (Participant), Catrin Hedd Jones (Participant) & Carys Jones (Participant)

    Impact: Policy and Public Services, Health/Quality of life

  23. Inscribed Stones and Stone Sculpture in Wales c.AD400–1150

    Nancy Edwards (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural, Societal

  24. Interchange fees and two-sided markets: influencing the EU regulation on payment card fees [REF2021]

    Santiago Carbo-Valverde (Participant)

    Impact: Policy and Public Services

  25. International conservation and restoration of peatland and improved drinking water quality through peatland carbon sequestration research

    Chris Freeman (Participant), Maurice Lock (Participant), Nathalie Fenner (Participant), Timothy Jones (Participant), Hannah Toberman (Participant) & Timothy Ellis (Participant)

    Impact: Environmental, Health/Quality of life

  26. Invited to contribute to news item on Radio Cymru news

    Catrin Hedd Jones (Participant)

    Impact: Policy and Public Services, Cultural, Health/Quality of life, Societal