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  1. Language policy, diversity and usage

    David Crystal (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural, Societal

  2. Language technology for Welsh as a less-resourced language [REF2021]

    Delyth Prys (Participant), Dewi Jones (Participant), Gruff Prys (Participant), Sarah Cooper (Participant) & Myfyr Prys (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural, Policy and Public Services, Technological

  3. Laser Micromachining Limited (LML)

    Ronald Pethig (Participant), Julian Burt (Participant), Mark Talary (Participant), John Tame (Participant), Christopher Hayden (Participant), Andrew Goater (Participant), A. Menachery (Participant) & Nadeem Rizvi (Participant)


  4. Market Power & Efficiency in Banking

    Philip Molyneux (Participant), John Thornton (Participant), Yener Altunbas (Participant), John Goddard (Participant) & Santiago Carbo-Valverde (Participant)


  5. Medieval Fun Day

    Raluca Radulescu (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural

  6. Mindfulness-based interventions enhance wellbeing: development and implementation

    Rebecca Crane (Participant), Richard Hastings (Participant), Judith Soulsby (Participant) & Catrin Eames (Participant)

    Impact: Health/Quality of life

  7. Minimally invasive procedural training for clinicians using virtual patients

    Nigel John (Participant), Franck Vidal (Participant), Christopher Hughes (Participant), Serban Pop (Participant), Llyr Ap Cenydd (Participant), Michael Rees (Participant), Derek Gould (Participant) & Timothy Coles (Participant)

    Impact: Health/Quality of life, Technological

  8. Musculoskeletal health and the promotion of exercise as medicine

    Nefyn Williams (Participant), Clare Wilkinson (Participant) & Ruth Lewis (Participant)

    Impact: Policy and Public Services, Health/Quality of life

  9. National Assembly News and Digital Information Taskforce

    Ifan Jones (Participant)

    Impact: Policy and Public Services

  10. New DNA forensics tools improve sustainable fisheries management and reduce wildlife crime

    Nick Dawnay (Participant), Gary Carvalho (Participant), Roger Thorpe (Participant), Lindsay Peppin (Participant), Sarah Helyar (Participant) & M. DeBruyn (Participant)


  11. New rice varieties improve livelihoods of millions of households in India and Nepal

    John Witcombe (Participant), Daljit Virk (Participant), Krishna Joshi (Participant) & David Harris (Participant)

    Impact: Health/Quality of life, Societal, Economic

  12. News article in North Wales Chronicle

    Lucy Huskinson (Participant), Joshua Andrews (Participant) & Gareth Evans-Jones (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural, Societal, Policy and Public Services

  13. News article on BBC Cymru Fyw website

    Lucy Huskinson (Participant), Gareth Evans-Jones (Participant) & Joshua Andrews (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural, Societal, Policy and Public Services

  14. Newyddion 9 S4C / 9 o'clock News on S4C

    Lucy Huskinson (Participant), Gareth Evans-Jones (Participant) & Joshua Andrews (Participant)

    Impact: Societal, Policy and Public Services, Cultural

  15. Novel applications for fractionation of plant biomass in the food ingredients industry

    Runcang Sun (Participant), Jianmin Fang (Participant), Alan Bolton (Participant) & William Banks (Participant)

    Impact: Economic

  16. Pioneering Parents: How can we make parenting classes accessible for Deaf parents?

    Christopher Shank (Participant), Anoushka Foltz (Participant), Sarah Matthews (Participant) & Holly Cuffin (Participant)

    Impact: Health/Quality of life, Policy and Public Services

  17. Process guide

    Catrin Hedd Jones (Participant), Jen Williams (Participant) & Gill Windle (Participant)

    Impact: Societal

  18. Project Rainbow

    Jonathan Roberts (Participant), Daniel Roberts (Participant), Panagiotis Ritsos (Participant), Cameron Gray (Participant), Joseph Mearman (Participant) & Peter Butcher (Participant)

    Impact: Technological, Societal

  19. Project featured the 'Church Times'

    Lucy Huskinson (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural, Policy and Public Services

  20. Quest/Hymgais 2018

    Raluca Radulescu (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural

  21. Removing SME Public Procurement Participation Barriers in Wales

    Dermot Cahill (Participant) & Pedro Telles (Participant)


  22. Review on the structure of ATM fees

    Bernardo Batiz-Lazo (Participant)

    Impact: Economic

  23. SME Research in a European Union Convergence Region

    Dylan Jones-Evans (Participant), Sally Sambrook (Participant), Clair Doloriert (Participant), Sonya Hanna (Participant), Jennifer Rowley (Participant), Beata Kupiec-Teahan (Participant) & Siwan Mitchelmore (Participant)


  24. Saving limbs: North Wales clinical-care model for patients at risk of amputation has national and international impact [REF2021]

    Dean Williams (Participant) & Christopher Whitaker (Participant)

    Impact: Health/Quality of life

  25. Scientific evidence to underpin understanding of best practices in utilisation of marine fisheries resources

    Michel Kaiser (Participant) & Jan Geert Hiddink (Participant)

    Impact: Environmental, Economic, Policy and Public Services

  26. Scoping Study with Public health Wales: Health and Deafness in Wales Survey

    Christopher Shank (Participant), Anoushka Foltz (Participant), Helen Green (Participant) & Claudine Anderson (Participant)

    Impact: Health/Quality of life, Policy and Public Services

  27. Strengthening the Fairness of International Criminal Trials

    Yvonne McDermott Rees (Participant)

    Impact: Policy and Public Services, Societal

  28. Struvite

    Paul Withers (Participant), Peter Talboys (Participant), Davey Jones (Participant) & John Healey (Participant)


  29. Sustaining Public Services by re-engineering and re-structuring public procurement within Local Government

    Dermot Cahill (Participant), Ceri Evans (Participant), David Clifford (Participant) & Ama Eyo (Participant)

    Impact: Economic